Pomona Records is a fun personal project that honors the catalyst for my design and photography career…vinyl record covers. I started this project a few years ago while photographing my wife in a 60s-inspired photoshoot. I loved the images so much that I turned them into a mockup of a record cover. From there it led to an entire project in which I was able to delve into how my childhood influenced my choices both past and present.
Growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s meant that vinyl records were prevalent in every household across the globe.  In our family’s own home, records were spread across the carpet from wall to wall. So many that as a kid, I had to be careful where I stepped, otherwise my little brother and I would end up slipping and sliding across the living room floor. My family had a humongous collection and I took notice of the types of covers that folded out into three or four panels, filled with bold and incredible images. They were the kinds of images that looked similar to the ones in our family Polaroid album, and I found myself drawn to the photography.
I remember examining the printing of Steve Wonder’s “Music Of My Mind”, and Parliament’s “Mothership Connection”, wondering to myself who made them and how did they get such crazy-looking pictures on that stiff cardboard type paper. I equally wondered the same about the typography.
It’s clear to me now that I had stumbled upon graphic design and it was that observation and curiosity that mapped a path to becoming a designer myself. Many years later I now combine my love of photography with my knowledge of layout and composition. Today my clients are not the singers of old but regardless, I hope that the innocent and nostalgic vibes that I favor stack up warmly against current trends.

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