I’m a Los Angeles graphic designer and photographer with an eye for layout, design, and composition. My work spans art direction, design, and brand identity to portraits, weddings, and still-life with a lot of cool stuff in between.
I spend my days discussing art with my designer wife and shuffling my two daughters between school, doctor appointments, and sports classes.
 If I'm not designing, I'm teaching dance and core fitness classes, hanging out with family and friends, and hitting up antique flea markets for vintage Minolta and Konica camera lenses and retro stuff.

I've worked with:
After graduating from California State University Fullerton in 2000, I kickstarted my career by working with Richard Runyon, the acclaimed trademark designer of Federal Express, Spruce Goose, Hansens Drinks, Betty Crocker, and other famous household brands. Afterward, I took an opportunity to design for a hair care company called Advanced Research Labs. It was here that I rooted myself in the hair and skin care industry, working on rebrands for Got2B, CitreShine, Zero Frizz, L.A. Looks, and many others. In the many years since I have continued to work with a variety of clients and the experience has provided me with a great understanding of marketing objectives, creative problem-solving, asset creation, brand development, and design.
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