Let's get straight to the point. I'm a graphic designer and I run a design studio called Bullet Art Direction & Design. Our work is focused on helping hair and skin care brands to stand out on in a crowded market place. I like to tell myself that I design things that look good in your shower. That awesome shampoo bottle, that beautiful hairspray can or serum dropper bottle…maybe that was me.
In addition to design I also shoot awesome product images that my clients can use for just about any kind of marketing purpose. I have a huge love of photography and the process of creating a great image. My personal work is varied and comprised of portraits, landscape and travel. 
I also enjoy scouring flea markets and thrift stores for vintage manual camera lenses and listening to music on my JVC 5-Disc CD Changer. Don’t laugh.
Life is a collection of experiences, duties and hobbies. I aim to find a balance between all of them and these social media accounts. If you are interested in graphic design services please see my work at Bullet A&D, Inc.